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  • Physiotherapy Using Distinguished Technology
  • Extracorporeal Shock Waves
  • High Power Laser
  • Qmd-Cryothermal
  • Deep Oscillation Therapy
  • Aesthetic And Innovative Treatments
  • Therapeutic Recovery Gym

Welcome to our state-of-the-art clinic, where advanced equipment sets us apart from regional counterparts.

Embrace a new era of healthcare designed to exceed your expectations and elevate your well-being.

Our Advanced Equipment

Discover cutting-edge technologies that redefine healthcare standards. Our clinic boasts state-of-the-art equipment not found in other regional clinics, ensuring you receive unparalleled care and results.

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Dive into a realm of advanced therapies at Physio Wave.

Our clinic proudly presents a range of cutting-edge treatments, with prices starting from €60 per session, crafted to enhance your well-being.

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Experience physiotherapy like never before with state-of-the-art technology that sets new standards for care. Our skilled practitioners harness the power of innovation to tailor treatments to your unique needs.

Starts from 60€

Propel your recovery forward with Extracorporeal Shock Waves, a groundbreaking therapy known for its efficacy in accelerating healing and promoting renewal of tissues.

Starts from 80€

Unleash the healing potential of High Power Laser therapy, a non-invasive approach that targets pain and inflammation at the cellular level, facilitating rapid recovery.

Starts from 75€

Elevate your recovery with Qmd-Cryothermal therapy, a cutting-edge technique that combines the benefits of quantum magnetic fields and cryotherapy for enhanced healing and pain relief.

Starts from 60€

Experience the gentle yet powerful effects of Deep Oscillation Therapy, a unique method that permeates deep tissues, promoting relaxation, reducing inflammation, and fostering optimal recovery.

Starts from 75

Explore a range of aesthetic and innovative treatments that go beyond traditional approaches, enhancing not only your physical well-being but also your overall sense of self.

Starts from 60€

Tailor your rehabilitation with our Therapeutic Recovery Gym, equipped with specialized tools and guided programs to support your journey to optimal health and fitness.

Starts from 80€

The IHHT Advantage

Explore the unique benefits of our Intermittent Hypoxic-Hyperoxic Treatment (IHHT) machine, the only one of its kind in Andalusia. Revolutionize your health journey with this exclusive offering, ensuring you experience the pinnacle of wellness.


At Physio Wave, we harness the transformative power of therapies to redefine your wellness journey.



Advanced Therapy Treatment for Chronic Pain and Herniated Disc that includes:

✓  Deep Oscillation Therapy 

✓  Radial Shockwave Treatment

✓  Focused Shockwave Treatment

✓  ED Treatment

✓  High-Intensity Laser Therapy

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Optimal Results, Unrestricted Movement

Our comprehensive range of advanced treatments empowers you to achieve optimal results. Revel in the freedom of fluid, unrestricted movement, embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes your health and vitality.

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